Francis Hook, SAP Logistics Specialist - SAP Assignment History



This is my SAP assignment history, summarised by topic.
Assignment Year Details
Complex integration 2005 On a major worldwide rollout for one of the world's leading gold mining companies, worked closely with the costing team to ready the Australian mines for a complex production model through all stages from ore drilling to gold pouring
Conversion preparation 2005 Assisted a major international healthcare company to redesign their SAP pricing conditions (SD) in readiness for a reimplementation of SAP on a new release
Process improvement 2004 Assisted a major UK airline to improve its engineering spares purchasing and distribution processes in an IS-Aerospace implementation
Enhancements: transfer of legacy system to SAP 2004 Assisted a tobacco company implement new customised and standard functionality for leaf management (planning, procurement, replenishment and inventory movements)
Major enhancements and data reorganisation 2002 Assisted a food manufacturer to convert to production orders and full MRP. Project duration 7 months
Rapid implementation 1998 Using ASAP, completed a design and configuration of PP and QM. The total project was FI, CO, SD, MM, WM, PP and QM: it went live in 7 months
Complex PP implementation 1998 Designed and configured PP for 13 disparate manufacturing areas in 2 production plants
Strategy 1997 Advised a manufacturer of explosives on the suitability of SAP R/3 as a replacement for BPCS. Used ARIS to analyse each major business process
Project management 1995 Managed the implementation of a customised transport fleet management system, running on SAP. Project duration was 7 months with a team of 5
Team lead 1998 Team led 4 consultants and client staff in the PP and QM modules
Blueprinting Continuous Commencing with project scoping, I have then analysed current business processes, defined 'to be' business processes to match SAP's transaction processes, and documented the final design
Configuration Continuous Have carried out major configuration in PP, PP-PI, MM, QM and SD. Have also completed some configuration in FI and CO, where these modules integrate into the logistics modules
Support team lead 1995 and 1996 Led the logistics support team, liaising with user management on work prioritisation
Technical design 2001 Designed sub-systems and supervised their coding and testing in ABAP: bulk wine surplus deficit sub-system, interfaces from MM and SD to a 3rd party warehouse system
Technical design (complete system) 1995 Designed the run units (transactions), screens, data tables, control (ATAB) tables and reports for a transport fleet management system for a major oil company
Data modelling 1995 Part of a customised design for a fleet transport system involved a detailed data analysis followed by data normalisation. The resulting data model was then transferred to the SAP data dictionary (as explicit tables and custom ATAB tables)
Interface design 2000, 1996, 1995 Designed interfaces to and from an independent warehouse system, a bulk wine management system and a lubrication oil blending process control system
User exit design 2002 Designed user exit for enhanced product selection during running of the MRP run
ABAP programming Continuous I am ABAP literate, able to read and program reports, (especially with the ABAP query facility) and use SAP's application debug features.I have designed and specified numerous interfaces, conversion programs, user exits, SAPscripts, custom reports and custom enhancements
MRP Tuning 2000 I have experience of analysing warehouse and replenishment processes in the business, asessing inventory targets and then fine tuning SAP (via configuration changes or master data), so that MRP delivers the required stock at the required time in the required place (either through purchasing, production or interplant distribution).
Troubleshooting 1994 A month after implementation, spent a month doing intensive analysis of key problems at an oil blending and filling facility. After rectifying system and process problems (materials management, production planning and sales modules), advised management on key indicators to ensure the system remained stable
Security strategy 1996 After an audit review, completed a full review of SAP security access and assisted in defining a new SAP security strategy
User training 2002 and 1994 Trained users in formal courses
Online documentation Continuous Developed online documentation in SAP for overriding or supplementing the SAP standard documentation. Also developed paper-based training manuals and non-SAP online documentation
Process change Continuous Introducing MRP into companies to replace their current replenishment and planning processes
R/2 1992 - 1996 Working for an oil major, I worked in the production and materials management area (as well as some assignments in the sales and quality management modules)
Bid assembly 1996 - 2001 Whilst working for consultancies, I had a number of assignments creating proposals and work scopings. These varied from being part of a large team assembling multi-million $ bids through to proposals where I did all the work