Francis Hook, SAP Logistics Specialist - SAP Training Courses



Here are dates and titles of courses (SAP related) that I have attended.
Date SAP AG Course Code Title
August 2000

AP010 APO introduction
August 2000

AP220 APO PP/DS (production planning and detailed scheduling)
July 2000

PricewaterhouseCoopers course MM 4.6 delta
February 1999

LO620 SD pricing
February 1998

ISR011 Assortment planning
February 1998

ISR012 Merchandise procurement & distribution
February 1998

ISR050 Configuration and organisation
October 1996

AUSFI Introduction to financial accounting functionality
July 1996

LO910 Configuration and organisation
August 1996

LO020 Procurement
August 1993

Andersen Consulting course MRP and production
February 1993

Andersen Consulting course Material master and RM basics